T1 2021: Week 11 — Prepping for the End

Week 11 has come and gone. Now, all that’s left is prepping for the end. It’s been a busy week for everyone at Griffith, and it’s only going to get busier. Let’s go over this past week.

Soccer has reached its end. We played the final game of the season last Wednesday night, and boy, it was an eventful game. We had the fortunate luck of playing the team we were most competitive against! That’s two weeks in a row we matched against them. Unfortunately, we did not win either match. That makes us winless for the entire season. I’m bummed we didn’t get a win, but I’m glad I took this journey. In the end, I had a fun time and at least a little part of me is sad that it’s over.

I certainly won’t ever forget my brother and the rest of the team flipping on the ref when he failed to count Jasmine’s goal! Ha, he deserved it.

7152QCA — Visual Communications

My Zine is done. My print is done. I’m ready to present! It took me a while to finish up the final draft, and wouldn't you know it? I left a spelling mistake in it…


This is what exhaustion does people. I proofread it a dozen times and didn’t catch it. Oh well.

A Second Pre-Print Draft of the Final

Tomorrow is the Zine turn in. I’’m looking forward to seeing everyone else's!

Since this will be the final submission before the blog is technically due, I’ve added the self marking rubric for Visual Communication Assessment 4. Below is my self mark.

Assessment 4 Self Mark

7524QCA — Prototyping

A busy weekend of Prototyping for me! I completed the final prototype for the presentation and completed Poster 2.


I was glad to get those done. I have to say that the team has done a great job of keeping up good communication and work ethic. I’m glad that I landed in the group I did.

The Best Portable Pill Box Ever!

As with all things in life, the Prototype could definitely use more work and be fleshed out further. But, considering the time and limitations we had surrounding us, I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the class. I hope our presentation goes smoothly on Tuesday!

WIP Poster 2

7580QCA — Design Lab Practice (Online)

The team and I didn’t do much for this class during the week. Ultimately, our attention was on other areas, mainly, our blogs. We had to get those sorted for the turn in. While I was ready, my teammates, and many others, were not.

That’s fine with me though! It gave me more time to work on assignments. Our final presentation is due Wednesday. Juanita has agreed to be the one who does the talking during the presentation, a decision which I am very grateful for!

(Thank you Juanita!)

Tomorrow, I’m going to the beach to capture some photos of Toy’s polluting the land and sea. Then, on Tuesday, Kelsie and I will be filming some footage for our group project.

7521QCA — Design Thinking

During class, we begun planning and practicing for our presentation! Out of all the assignments I’ve done so far, this is definitely the most theatrical.

Repping Emblazon!

It’s been such a joy to work with Jess, Paloma and Chris. They’ve all worked so hard to produce a project we can all be proud of. I’m going to do my best to make sure our presentation is the best it can be!

I spent some time this weekend re-tooling the stop motion storyboard. It was agreed that some added visual flair towards the end would greatly improve the effect for the audience.

I agree.

This is what the final version looks like after adding a little editing magic!

The Final Version

On Thursday, we’ll be setting up an area of the class floor for our presentation. It will mark the final turn in for the Trimester. I know by then, I’ll be feeling pretty emotional.

Here’s to the final upcoming week! Let’s go!

Animation Mentor — Character Animation Program

Week by week, scene by scene, the project is coming together. It’s been a turbulent ride, but I’m holding on. With the Griffith Trimester winding down, I’ll finally have a lot more time to work the animation.

There’s only two weeks left so I’m really going to have to hustle to finish this animation for the June 27th submission for the Disney Apprenticeships. The clock is ticking!



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